Youth Baseball

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At MMW Arkansas Academy, we take our sport seriously. We expect the same dedication and effort from our students. We help passionate individuals through different lessons and programs. Being apart of our 2022/2023 team takes a lot more than just know how to play. We train with the best of the best. Are you ready to commit?


MMW AR Team Tryout Registration

Thank you for your interest in trying out for a MMW AR 2022/2023 Baseball Team.

Tryout Location  - Shiloh Christian Turf Field: 1707 Johnson Rd, Springdale, AR 72762

Tryout Dates:

Monday, June 27th
7U -5:30-6:30pm
8U -7-8pm

Tuesday, June 28th
9U -5:30-6:30pmPitching 6:30-7:30pm
10U - 7-9pm

Wednesday, June 29th
11U 5:30-6:30pmPitching 6:30-7:30
12U -7-9pm

Wednesday, July 7/20
13U 5:30pm
14U 7:30pm

Click below if you are unsure of the age to try out for.

Tryout Registration 2022-2023

  • If you do not know what age division your child should register for, here is a link to the USSSA age calculator.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Let’s Talk About Commitment

Being part of our 2021/2022 team takes a lot more than just knowing how to play. 

We require our players to attend one practice a week in the fall starting in August. If you have other activities during that time, please do communicate with our coaches. During baseball season in the spring, players will need to put baseball as a priority.

Each of our team’s costs differ depending on tournaments, uniform and team development training.

  • Team Deposit is due upon commitment in July before being added to the team roster.
  • Fall Ball cost, if played, is due in August.
  • Team Uniform purchase in September after fittings.
  • Spring Tournament cost is due February 1st.

  • Respect for your coach, facility, and organization
  • Great sportsmanship from players and parents on and off the field

*If the above commitment is unable to be followed through, players may be asked to step down from the team.

Parental Agreement

The following is a contract that is required of all parents to sign upon joining Perfect Timing Academy. Please understand that this is simply so that there are clear expectations for all. The main objective here is for the entire team — players, parents and coaches — to be on the same page. We’re in this together!
1. I commit to making sure my child arrives at games and practices on time. This means often arriving 15 minutes early so that my child has enough time to get situated prior to joining our practice or pre-game preparations.(Required)
2. I will be sure that my child is properly equipped, sun-protected, hydrated and fueled for practices and games. This includes proper uniforms, gloves, bags and meals.(Required)
3. I will show respect for the umpires. They will often make the wrong call, but the job of the umpire is not an easy one. Voicing my displeasure will not improve the situation.(Required)
4. I will stay away from the dugout during games and allow coaches to coach. While this is not easy, I know that providing potentially conflicting messages during a game can be confusing to my child and my presence at the dugout may contribute negatively to his ability to focus.(Required)
5. I will be a role model for my child regarding good sportsmanship, teamwork and self worth. These things start with the adults, and the players will behave accordingly. We will take pride in how we carry ourselves and treat others.(Required)
6. I am responsible for the behavior of all family members at games and practices. Others may attend games to cheer on my child, and I need to be sure that they also handle themselves according to these rules.(Required)
7. I will provide encouragement and support for my child. My child needs to hear my positive encouragement throughout the game.(Required)
8. I will provide encouragement and support for all players on the team. As a team, it’s important to provide the same support for my child’s teammates. We’re in this together!(Required)
9. I will respect the opposing team, coaches and fans. They are the same as us in many ways, but they simply wear different uniforms. Appreciation for their performance and respect for their abilities will contribute to a positive game environment.(Required)
10. I understand that winning is important to the team, but the primary objective is promoting an environment of growth and learning. They will win. They will lose. They will make mistakes. One of the most important things will be what they learn from success and failure.(Required)
11. I will get to know the team values and reinforce them with my child. I will read through those expectations with my child and serve as a reminder when they aren’t being met.(Required)
12. I will support the coach’s message. While I will not agree with the coach at all times, I also understand that contradicting the coach’s message is counterproductive.(Required)
13. I will help my child embrace his role, no matter what it is. I may not agree with where my child hits or plays in the field, but it is important that I help my child embrace and master that role for the best possible experience.(Required)
14. I will help nurture a positive environment on and off the field. I will do my best to keep a positive tone as I realize my reactions impact the team.(Required)
15. I will refrain from public complaints about coaching and other players with parents. While I will not always agree with how the team is being coached, I know that these reactions do not help.(Required)
16. I will schedule a time with the coach to calmly and constructively discuss lineup and playing time concerns rather than during, immediately before or after a practice or game. Instead of complaining publicly, I will be part of the solution by scheduling a private time to discuss my concerns.(Required)
17. I will respect the challenges the coaches face and the time commitment they make. I know that coaching isn’t easy. It’s a significant contribution of time and energy, often with the side effect of stress.(Required)
18. I will make payments for team fees as scheduled. The team is not a bank, and several large payments are due on a scheduled basis for tournaments, uniforms, practice facilities and more.(Required)
19. I understand that team deposits are due BEFORE my child can begin practicing with their team and using the facility.(Required)
20. I will do everything within my control to make this a positive experience for my child, other players, families and coaches. I will do my part to contribute to this baseball family!(Required)
I have read all of the above and agree to all of the requirements I am held to as a Perfect Timing Parent.(Required)
I will always do my best to follow these rules. While I am not expected to be perfect and we will all have our weak moments, the main thing is that I will make a consistent effort to help nurture a positive environment for all. However, I will not consistently neglect or ignore these rules. Depending on the severity and frequency of my infractions, I understand that my actions may impact the standing of my child on this team. I understand these rules, and I will do my best to always represent this team and my child well.

Player Agreement

I have agreed to become a member of PERFECT TIMING ACADEMY. As a member of this team, I will do my best to obey these rules and regulations:
1. I will always hustle. I will hustle on and off the field, on every ball I hit, on the bases and in the field.(Required)
2. I will respect my coaches and parents and do as they ask. I understand that they come from a place of experience and want to help me become the best I can be.(Required)
3. I will not use profanity, drugs, alcohol or tobacco. I will always set a good example and represent my team with class.(Required)
4. I will practice good sportsmanship before, during and after games. I will appreciate the good play of our opponents and remain humble during my shining moments.(Required)
5. I will treat all opposing players, coaches and fans with respect. The only difference between us is that they are pulling for the other side.(Required)
6. I will respect decisions made by the umpires. I cannot change their decisions, and I recognize my reaction may reflect poorly on both me and my team.(Required)
7. I will handle winning with class and losing with grace. A player’s true character is shown in handling both winning and losing with similar reflection and appreciation.(Required)
8. I will never quit. No matter the score, inning or number of outs, I will always give my best. My teammates deserve nothing less.(Required)
9. I will work hard when nobody's watching. My work ethic is based on the hard work I put in during games and practices as well as at home.(Required)
10. I will never throw a bat or other equipment in anger. Not only is this unsafe, but it is a selfish display of poor self-control and bad sportsmanship.(Required)
11. I will always prioritize the safety of myself and others around me. I will be properly equipped and aware of my surroundings when throwing a ball or swinging a bat.(Required)
12. I will treat practices seriously as an opportunity to become the best player I can be. Practice is my time to polish my tools while the game is my time to shine.(Required)
13. I will practice self-control, setting a positive example for others. I will not get down on myself when things aren’t going my way.(Required)
14. I will always support and encourage my teammates. I will be helpful and courteous, treating my teammates the way I would want to be treated.(Required)
15. I will respect the facilities we are provided for practices and games. I will not damage equipment, I will clean up when we’re done and I will treat it as I would my home.(Required)
16. I will represent my team with class. I understand that how I behave and present myself will reflect either positively or negatively on my teammates and coaches.(Required)
17. I will remain in the dugout during games at all times, unless approved by a coach. My focus needs to be between the lines.(Required)
18. I understand my grades in school and behavior at home and outside of baseball may impact my position on the team. There is more to life than baseball.(Required)
19. I will embrace my role, position on the field and in the lineup, and I will not complain or feel sorry for myself. This is a team, and I will always do what is necessary for the team to be successful.(Required)
20. I will learn from my mistakes. I will make mistakes, but I will use them as opportunities to learn.(Required)
I understand these rules, and I will do my best to always represent my teammates well.(Required)
I will always do my best to follow these rules. My coaches, parents and I understand that I am not perfect, but repeated violations can and will impact my standing on this team. Depending on the severity and frequency of my infractions, I may see less playing time, a diminished role or complete removal from the team.