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Providing Programs For Baseball & Softball

Perfect Timing Baseball and Softball Academy was founded in order for young players to develop skills and obtain personal goals. Perfect Timing Baseball and Softball Academy provides a supportive and trained staff in a positive environment. Baseball and Softball instruction, for the individual as well as team play on the diamond spans from youth teams to professional players.


Membership Advantages

  • Individual Instruction

    Our academy provides one-on-one lessons for learners with different levels of skills, from high school to professional players.

  • Baseball and Softball Team Development

    Cultivating a culture of camaraderie is vital in playing baseball or softball. Our instructors promote team development because we believe working together is an important part of mastering a sport.

  • Specialty Camps and Programs

    We are committed to helping develop the skills of our members in all aspects of playing baseball and softball. That is why we hold various specialty camps and programs to complement the lessons we provide.

Love of the Game

“The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love.” – Bryant Gumbel

The passion for the game of baseball is the same for everyone. These include the fans, the players, and the scribes. Even if the fans cannot play or write about the game, they make baseball better because of their energy and excitement. That is why tournaments are so fun to watch, especially our annual CWC high school baseball tournament.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to pair players of similar ability with the mindset of growing them athletically and socially to their fullest potential. We will always take the high road as it pertains to coaches, players and umpires from all organizations. We teach and encourage players regarding actions that can be controlled through attitude and effort.

The game of baseball is difficult; strikeouts and errors are going to happen. Perfect Timing Baseball and Softball Academy encourages a positive attitude and each player’s best effort. We teach a well-rounded approach to the game of baseball. We believe that players should be taught to play multiple positions as well as being developed as a pitcher.

We provide structured and organized practices at an age-appropriate level to give our players the best chance to succeed. We teach our players to always compete regardless of the score. Our players use a blue-collar approach that prohibits complaining about weather, field conditions, umpires, etc. Excuses and complaining create reasons to not compete. Respect is required of all of our players, coaches and fans at the ballpark everyday.


Contact Us

Email for more information. We look forward to helping you make your baseball and softball dreams come true.